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Children Of Ancient Chin Children And Age - 1139 Words

Daniela Arias January 27, 2016 Period 7 Children in Ancient China Children in Ancient China had different expectations laid out for them, mostly dependent on gender and age. One of the most important values instilled in children was respect. Children were expected to respect authority figures above all, but also to respect those in their immediate family. Religion and philosophies in Ancient China played a major role in what was expected of Chinese children. Expectations also varied depending on the child’s social status. Confucianism in particular is acknowledged as the major influence in the daily lives of Chinese people, but especially children. One of the most important aspects of a child’s life in any setting is their ability to†¦show more content†¦One of the many developments of this time was the establishment of public schools in order to carefully instruct boys for the civil service. Early education played a major role in preparing children to eventually serve for the state. Additionally, it was necessary to ensure their loyalty to the state as early as possible as a means of strengthening the empire. Around 74 BCE the role of women started to come into question. However, educated women were thought as a threat to the stability of the dynasty. This was met with increased pressure on girls to assume traditional societal roles. Education for women differed in terms of the general purpose. Men were urged to pursue a rigorous education and expected to eventually rise to important governmental positions or to join the military, but education for women was not as focused and did not have such an endgoal. However, some were beginning to question why women were not given the same opportunities. It was becoming clear that women could not be ignored- Ban Chao was a general of the Eastern Han dynasty (32 AD-102 AD). He is quoted as saying: â€Å"Yet†© only†© to†© teach†© men†© and†© not†© to†© teach†© women†© —†© is†© this†© not†© ignoring†© the†© reciprocal†© relation†© between †©them?†© According†© to†© the†© Rites, †©book-†©learning †©begins †©at†© the

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